The Promotion

“Hey Line, do you have time to meet concerning some changes that are going to take place?” What seemed to be a simple email ended up being the email that change the trajectory of my career. As I walked into the office I felt so uneasy, change usually makes us all uneasy. I sat down and listened as I was being told how my team had not been excelling and they felt the supervisor role may not have been the best fit for me. All I kept thinking was “this is not happening,” “this is a joke.” I got lost in my head and finally came to my senses with them staring at me asking me, how I wanted to proceed. I was getting demoted and I literally felt like my whole world was being pulled up under my feet. “Am I going to need to file unemployment?” “I just bought a house, how in the world am I going to pay for it?!” “What am I going to tell my mom?!” The questions were endless! I felt so defeated and worthless! And I will never forget how much I cried. I was so upset with God! I asked him “why would he do this to me?” “What did I do?” It was one of the worst feelings. It sucked! I was embarrassed and ashamed that it even happened to me.

What seemed like one of the worst things to happen in my life ended up actually being the best thing! You see, the truth was, I was actually starting to hate my job. I was always at odds with my supervisor and it was draining me physically and emotionally but IT WAS COMFORTABLE! I came to work and got my check; pretty simple and easy right? Only I wasn’t living In Purpose. I was going through the motions! Since October 2014 God had placed the vision for The Masterspiece in me and I had sat on it for 2 years. I talked about it but never did anything about it.

But wait before I continue with that, you probably want to know what happened with the job, right?! Well I was given an opportunity to assume another position in the company. I remember telling myself even though I was accepting this position I was going to apply for others and leave my job hanging for what they did to me! Petty, I know, but at the time that’s how I felt! And it took some AMAZING people in my life to love me and SNAP me back into reality! Truth is, not only was I comfortable in my job... my identity started to be wrapped around my title and what I did. I felt accomplished! Supervisor?! And one of the youngest too?! You couldn’t tell me nothing! Until I was served a nice slice of humble pie!

As upset and angry I was, in the moment, I quickly realized God was simply pushing me into purpose! The position I transitioned into was flexible. I could work from home, which allowed me to take classes to become a certified life coach. And most of all, it freed up my time to spend with God! It sounds cliche but honestly, it all worked out for my good!

So, my demotion actually became my promotion!

Meditating on Romans 8:28 that says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” helped me through this season in my life. This verse became more alive and applicable in my life as God turned what was supposed be a bad situation into good!

I’m sitting here reflecting on how this situation really pushed me to take a hard look at my life and purpose. And because I no longer had the comfort of my job title, I really had to seek God about what was next. My “ ah ha” moment came when I was having dinner with a friend and as we’re talking she asks “ you ever thought of becoming a life coach?” And I thought to myself “huh that actually doesn’t sound bad.” I took it to God and sought His face about whether or not this is what He purposed for me to do. And my confirmation came from going back to my journal and seeing how it fell right in line with what I wanted to do with The Masterspiece; which was encouraging and empowering women! I want women to know what they do is not who they are (my mentor actually reminded me of this)! You ARE The Masterspiece!

I hope this encouraged you to know there’s nothing that happens in your life that is out of the control of God! And if you trust him He will prove himself faithful!

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