• The “S” Word

    So it’s March 4th, 2020 and I’ve felt very heavily to start writing this blog and this journey! When I’m going to release it, I have no idea but I trust God has a date in mind (I guess today is the day lolol). So when He tells me to release it, I will! This is actually a topic I tried to avoid talking about because well I didn’t think it had anything to do with the message of The Masterspiece! But if I’m honest, it may not be the main focus but it’s definitely part of the process and journey!
  • To Have Nothing And Everything

    The last time I was in an “anything” season. You know the season where I told God, I’ll do anything He wants me to do. And that season was great until God told me to be still and my funds were running LOW.
  • Changing The Lens; 2020 Vision by Latoya “Monique” Barely

    "You are either the optimist that is full of pep ready to conquer 2020; or you are the broken that is full of despair dreading what is to come and ready for it to come and go. Today having been through many valley lows myself, I would like to take the time to encourage those in the latter. Those that have buried their dreams under disappointment, brokenness and despair."
  • My Grade On The Test

    SO if I am honest, I have been VERY PRESSED these past couple months!! LOL! It was really hard to look past what I was going through! I questioned God a lot! And at moments, I felt like God left me hanging!! And what use to be a posture of authority became a posture of pleading out of fear.